Agraj Automation

Agraj Automation is involved in highly skilled engineering activities.

    Execution of Turnkey projects from concept design to Installation and commissioning,

    Design and Development of Special Purpose Machine (SPMs),

    Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Mechatronics Projects,

    Manufacturing Electro-Mechanical Jigs and Fixtures,

    Commissioning & Maintenance/ AMC (Annual maintenance contract) of Machines

    Machine Modification and developing POKA-YOKE (Mistake proof manufacturing) for all kinds of industries.

Our Services

Our Mission and Vision is to be an Innovative Automation and SPM Developing company Serving for Quality manufacturing, Automation for Social cause, safety in manufacturing and Preventing risk of life threat, adapting latest technological developments, Industry 4.0, IIOT and Digitization.

Innovative Engineers team. Our Control Engineers with their experience in SCADA, Industrial PC, PLC, HMI, Servo, stepper, and variety of sensors, Actuators & Controllers, are eager to take up challenging automation projects and to achieve required tasks adapting appropriate Technologies. Also our Mechanical Engineers innovative design with 3D presentation, involving customers helps to develop appropriate machines with required automation.

Other activities of our company include control panel designing and wiring, ideas for KAIZEN activities, Development of Electro-Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control circuits, Industrial Automation Training, PLC Training kits and pre developed and Demo projects for Institutions.

We conduct Training programs on PLC and Automation for industries and Technical institutions. Our training is exclusive because the training is conducted by Machine Building and System integration Engineers. Therefore our training is more of industrial application and less of Theory of control circuit, History of PLC, Electronic components used, etc.

Our Development activities:

We have Developed Special Purpose Machines (SPM), Modified/ Integrated new systems for several Process Control.

    Narrated a few of them.

    Automatic tube bending machine (Modified Manual old tube bending machine as an Automatic bending machine for bending 8 bends at different planes and angles at specific distance apart).

    Hydraulic cylinder testing machine: Developed for testing Telescopic Hydraulic cylinder, which stretches for a few meters using unidirectional clutch and hydraulic motor.

    Automatic loading and unloading of components,

    Auto - Drilling and Tapping machine, etc for Mechanical/Machine tool Industry;

    Level & Ph monitoring system, and

    Electro Pneumatic panel (Kathabar with P-I and I-P Instrumentation)

    Tablet counting, Alarm Annunciators(Display using TV Monitor), etc. for Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries;

Automatic Lemon cutting, Garlic peeling, Finger Millet processing Machine/ Equipment, SMS message of Fault, Voice Annunciator, for Food and Beverages industries,

Plating line automation, Automatic connector/ Harness Testing for Electronic industry, and so on

Peck feed Pin hole Drilling Machine, Vibration Testing machine, Fillet rolling, etc. for Aerospace industry.

Auto corbon spray for Casting press, Conveyor and Automatic sand filling and vibrating for Die Casting industry

X-Y Axis Cutting and Table Tilting, PLC integration for Polishing, etc for Granite Industry. and many more.

Our Services